BeST Sensor, Kundenspezifische Sensorlösungen, Robuste Sensorsysteme, IoT, Mustererkennung


  • IoT applications across all industries

  • Robust, secure and extremely energy-efficient technology

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems



For a hand tool used in the automotive and aviation industry, BeST SENSOR has developed a sensor system that measures forces of up to 1000 N, analyses the quality of the process and provides direct feedback to the operator. The measurements are processed for quality control.


For tank emptying and filling systems, technology from BeST SENSOR is used to determine whether pumping processes are working as desired. Disorders such as the jamming of a valve is recognized and reported.


A medical device uses BeST SENSOR technology to recognize the gait of patients. This way the treating doctor can remotely monitor the progress of recovery after a hip or knee operation. Patients can go through rehab at home in their familiar surroundings. This leads to a better treatment and greater patient satisfaction.

Our sensor systems are used across all industries, especially for wireless applications. The focus is on IoT services in the health sector, in the mobility sector as well as quality control in the context of smart factory.

Sensor solutions from BeST SENSOR not only measure parameters such as force, pressure, position, distance or electromagnetic fields. Our expertise lies in the dynamic measurement over time and the filtering and identification of specific events within the measurements.

The core technology of BeST SENSOR are domain-specific algorithms which run on the embedded system and require only minimal storage space. This way, our customers get reliable results without having to set up a cloud infrastructure or computing-intensive AI applications.

IoT innovations from BeST SENSOR are robust, secure, extremely energy-efficient and easy to integrate into existing systems.

We pay special attention to each new application so that we can offer an optimal technology solution.

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