To meet the ambitious goals of our customers, we look for solutions off the beaten track. We create tailor-made sensor systems in previously unexplored areas. Our specially developed sensors are robust, precise and ultra fast. We provide support from prototyping to mass production.


 Our process works as follows:

  1. Customer enquiry: You ask for a solution and define your requirements. We recommend a sensor system composed of proven technology, tailor-made for you.

  2. Proof of concept: The new approach is built as a sample working model to make sure that a development is worth the effort.

  3. Test series: A few dozen samples of your product are equipped with the new sensor system to ensure it works in practice.

  4. Production: We work together with suppliers in Europe and Asia, or assist manufacturing in your own factories to ensure consistent quality and sensor precision.

At every stage, you are in control. We only proceed from one stage to the next if you are fully satisfied.





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