We combine existing standard components with newly developed parts for tailor-made solutions. This increases reliability, drives down cost and speeds up projects. Have you been told that your requirements are impossible to meet? Ask us.

A typical solution comprises of

  1. sensing elements (sensors and load cells)

  2. electronic measurement circuits and

  3. signal-processing software

We can build all three components ourselves or interface to existing components, depending on your needs.

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Membrane sensor
Screen-printed BeST layout
Analog measurement circuit
BeST-designed PCB with micro controller
XYZ force sensing pad
Real-time wireless data transmission
Thick film technology
Resistive BeST sensor on FR-4 PCB
BeST XYZ touch screen
Fully transparent ITO force sensor
International connections
Meeting at CrucialTec HQ in Korea
Touch sensing technology
BeST xy pad, slider, dial
Metal dome keypad
Integrated BeST force & position sensor
PCB Layout
Wireless measurement circuit
Directional Pad
Flexible dome foil with integrated BeST sensor
Software development
IAR IDE C project
Customer demo
Presenting BeST sensors to Huawei team
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XYZ force sensing pad

Real-time wireless data transmission