We offer a broad range of force sensor and position sensor systems. Applications range from mass consumer products to smart factory and internet-of-things. Our embedded software runs on micro controllers from Atmel, TI, Nordic, Renesas etc. with a tiny memory footprint. 

With decades of experience in the industry, we offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Thick-film technology (screen printing on polyester, additive process)

  • Flexible electronics (etched metal on polyimid, subtractive process)

  • PCB and sensor layout and electro-mechanical design

  • Signal processing, fast measurements with multiple ADC channels

  • Wired and wireless interfaces such as I2C, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth LE



Conventional systems achieve one or two force measurements per second. BeST can work with 100 Hz or more and still achieve sufficient precision. This makes it possible to detect and analyze rapid movements, even with multiple sensors in parallel.



Conventional keys only distinguish between contact or non-contact. BeST sensor keypads can detect force and position, as well as rapid finger movements on a force-sensing trackpad. And unlike capacitive pads, they can wake up the unit from sleep mode. We have created force sensing keys, XYZ touch pads and ultra-flat keypads.



Conventional systems require regular re-calibrations. BeST sensors can include one, two or more absolute reference points to ensure reliable repeatability of measurements. The robust design offers protection against shock, moisture and dust so these sensors can be used in rough environments.

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