BeST Sensor, Oliver Völckers, Oliver von Sperber


  • Customer-specific sensor design

  • Renowned customers such as Philips and Deutsche Bahn

  • Since 2013

BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH was founded in 2013 by Oliver von Sperber (l.) and Oliver Völckers (r.). The basis of the formation were several sensor inventions by Oliver Völckers and his over 50 patents granted worldwide.

BeST SENSOR develops robust, mobile and high speed sensor solutions as well as apps for reading and controlling sensor systems. We can support you in all stages of product development, from brainstorming and proof of concept to series production.

BeST SENSOR is a modern networked company and works closely with production partners in Europe and Asia.

We have developed solutions for Siemens, Philips and Deutsche Bahn. Our customers are international corporations, medium-sized companies and venture backed startups in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Instead of setting up large, bureaucratic IT projects for our customers, we focus on the integration of sensors with embedded systems. We only work in areas where we have the best competence, that's why we are BeST sensor. Our claim is to only deliver top performance.

How we work:

Concept design

You ask for a solution and define your requirements. We design a customized sensor system for you. If an invention results from this innovation process, we offer to register a patent with you.



Proof of concept

The new approach will be built as a working model to ensure that the development meets all expectations. The proof of concept consists of the sensor element, the electronic module and domain-specific software from BeST SENSOR.


Series production

As a test series, we first equip a few dozen product samples with the sensor system in order to check the suitability for series production. For the subsequent series production, we work with suppliers in Europe and Asia or support the production in your own production facilities to ensure consistent quality and sensor precision.


You maintain full control at every stage. We only proceed to the next step when you are completely satisfied.

AMA Mitglied

BeST is a member of the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement, Germany’s leading network of sensor manufacturers and integrators.

BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH

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