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Deutsche Bahn starts pilot project with BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH

Quote: "Smart sensors ensure continuous availability of ICE restrooms

To ensure the proper function of restrooms in ICE trains, wastewater tanks must be emptied on a regular basis. It is very important to ensure that the tanks are fully emptied and that they do not become clogged, since the restrooms may otherwise need to be closed or the train might even need to be cancelled for maintenance.

A part of a pilot project, a disposal platform at the ICE depot in Rummelsburg was equipped with smart sensors from Berlin-based start-up BeST to prevent disruption caused by incompletely emptied wastewater tanks. The integration of the system into a mobile adapter that can be mounted between the suction hose and the tank opening without any tools means that it can be installed easily without any modifications to existing facilities."

In the German language version, there is a beautiful two-minute video:


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