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Hybrid Sensor System for Monitoring of Wastewater Pumps

The WEKA Fachmedien GmbH, D-85540 Haar has published a new paper by Oliver Völckers und Jonas Remmert in their "Conference Proceedings 2023". The title of the publication is "A Customer-specific, Distributed and Wireless AI System for the Monitoring of Wastewater Pumps".

ISBN 978-3-645-50197-2

The globally accessible description of this technology means that it is now state of the art and can be cited in further research.

Abstract— "We describe a system we built to monitor wastewater pumps servicing German high-speed railway trains. A hybrid sensor system, combining four sensor signals to monitor pump condition over time generates automatic reports in regular intervals and transmits them to the customer via wireless 4G connections. To interpret the measured data, we employed signal processing and pattern-recognition algorithms with explainable AI. Any results can be traced, and evaluation algorithms can be modified or improved if necessary.

Measurements of multiple sensors, signal processing and wireless transmission work in parallel controlled by a real-time operating system (Zephyr). Every sensor node can operate autonomously, connecting to the network when needed. The scalable architecture allows to combine any number of modules from a single node up to several thousands with no need for re- configuration. The system is now in continuous operation (24/7) and monitors wastewater disposal in real-time. Issues with the pump operation are reported wirelessly from any site within seconds."


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