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BeST Sensor, Kundenspezifische Sensorlösungen, Robuste Sensorsysteme, IoT, Mustererkennung


  • Pattern recognition und data compression

  • Extremely efficient and reliable code

  • Exact transparent results

You receive all the information that you require and enjoy process security. Our embedded AI runs with a tiny memory footprint. Noise is reduced, data compression provides speed and pattern recognition delivers conclusive outcomes for you.

When programming code we take a radical approach that focuses on simplicity and compactness, even if more than enough processing power and storage are available. We always program for minimal hardware requirements. With this IT philosophy, we achieve extremely efficient and reliable software. You receive nothing less than error-free code. This is exceptional.

Common AI systems use enormous data collections and processes that are computation intensive. The results can be more or less useful, yet at the same time, they are also non-transparent. By contrast, intelligent systems from BeST Sensor operate with complete transparency: every conclusion and evaluation can be retraced by means of a unique reasoning component. This allows us to check and optimize the computational model at all times.

Our main area of expertise is the processing and analysis of raw data, which lies between the hardware and software levels. The measurement data can originate from very different sensor sources and reflect parameters such as force, pressure, distance, light, magnetic force and vibrations. Regardless of whether sensor elements are connected via analog or digital interfaces, we will adapt our software and hardware to it.

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