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BeST is Winner at DB Mindbox Selection Day Future of Maintenance

Frankfurt am Main, 28th of January, 2020. As one of three startup companies, BeST took part in the selection for the following use case:

"Water is essential to the customer journey on board our trains. But used water tanks lack sensors. We therefore would like to monitor the emptying process instead: which wagon is emptied when? For how long? Who can bring in a rugged, long-lasting and low cost solution?"

In their winning presentation, Oliver von Sperber and Oliver Völckers suggested a hybrid sensor system monitoring the flow of wastewater. Of course, this had not been done before so the solution has to be worked out from scratch. We will see where that leads us!

Thank you to the team of Deutsche Bahn and DB mindbox for the organisation, for hosting us and for an experience that we will never forget.


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