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BeST Sensor, Kundenspezifische Sensorlösungen, Robuste Sensorsysteme, IoT, Mustererkennung


  • Custom-designed solutions

  • Robust sensor systems

  • Plug-and-Play modules

BeST SENSOR provides you with a broad range of sensor technologies. We combine existing standard components with newly developed parts for customer-specific solutions. BeST SENSOR can support you in all stages of product development, from brainstorming and prototyping to series production.


A sensor system consists of several layers, where the correct function of each layer depends on the correct function of the underlying layers. The lower layers are typically implemented in hardware, whereas the higher layers are implemented in software.


In the development as well as in the series production of our sensor systems we take care that every level functions robustly and without errors. The full system will only work reliably if every single component has been designed with careful attention to detail.

Our expertise lies in developing sensor solutions for measuring unsteady dynamic events and software that enables the clear identification of specific events within the measurement series. We consistently achieve outstanding signal/noise ratios.

In the area of force measuring, we use our own sensor technologies when piezos or strain gauges reach their limits. In other areas such as pressure, distance, motion or electromagnetic measurements, we use sensor elements from specialized manufacturers. Since our solution is independent of sensor suppliers, we can always select the best solution for our customers. This is why we call ourselves BeST SENSOR.

In addition to the sensor elements that are most suitable for your application, we integrate other levels such as microcontrollers, power supply and radio module into a complete system. We deliver complete, functional and tested sensor solutions as a plug-and-play module. Depending on the quantities, we work together with suppliers in Europe and Asia for series production or support production in your own production facilities.

Apart from custom-designed sensor solutions BeST also markets own inventions. The development of the new BeST Digital Torque Sensor is co-financed by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the WIPANO-program.

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